CCNA 2013

What is New with CCNA in 2013?

Cisco Networking Academy is offering a networking program, known as Cisco Certified Network Associate or abbreviated as a CCNA. Obviously, this program is for the people who have an interest in the field of networking and want to start their career as networking professionals. After passing final level a certificate is given to the candidate that is well recognized in the networking industry. The certificate is enough to prove that its holder has the abilities and skills that he can work and play his job role in different networking fields like certificate holder can work as networking administrator, supporting engineer or as a network specialist. The certificate holder can also perform networking operations including configuration, installation and troubleshooting.  CCNA covers all topics related to LAN and WAN networking.

CCNA Malabe Jan 2013 What is New with CCNA in 2013?New with CCNA

Cisco Networking Academy has declared in a Virtual Academy Conference which was held in June 2012, that the academy has launched a new version of the curriculum for the CCNA and this new version will be in English. Following changes were made in the curriculum and CCNA with these new features were released.

New Curriculum in English:

The new curriculum was released in English but the focus of the program remained same as all levels were not changed at all. The Updated CCNA Exams were kept same as before 5 levels in programs, but learning language was changed to English.

Changes in the Curriculum and CCNA New Features:

Following are the new functionalities and features that were introduced in the CCNA 5.0 curriculum:

  • Routed and Switched networks were managed and configured in a integrated design of IPv6 and IPv4.
  • Cisco network devices were managed and IOS 15.X commands were managed and configured as well.
  • Topics related to advance technology were introduced like wireless, voice, data center and security.
  • Analysis for the final exam was improved to psychometric.
  • Feedback on assessments was improved through all learning process.
  • Mobility support was enabled in a way to access the course on mobiles. More platforms was included like Apple is, Google, Android and windows 8.
  • Net Space of Cisco has also made more capable and communication was improved between the students and Instructors.

Topics and Levels Were Not Changed:

The first level has the focus on the switching and troubleshooting of networks, this level is known as Entry Level. After getting passed by this level, second level is known as Associate level. This level covers the networking topics like Operation, Installation and troubleshooting of networks. Designing of networks is also taught at this level and that is known as a CCDA program in the industry of networking. Professional Level is the third level of this program and it covers different topics related to the networking skills. The fourth level is known as Expert level one last level loft for the candidate to get passed. The final level is known as Architect Level and after getting it passed successfully candidate achieves a certificate of CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate and know candidate is also well recognized in the networking field and there are lots of opportunities waiting for them in the industry of networking.

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