CCNA Exploration Syllabus  

CCNA Exploration: Course Information

The Cisco CCNA Exploration training program offers students an assimilated and detailed analysis for networking areas, ranging from the basics to complex applications as well as services, while at the same moment offering them opportunities to learn hands-on skills in addition to soft-skill maturity. The program generally educates networking centered on technology, taking into account networking fundamentals by making use of top-down, hypothetical and assimilated tactic – ranging from network protocols and services for networking applications and the OSI Layer Model.

CCNA Exploration is specially designed for candidates who have acquired complex problem solving as well as analytical skills. The accreditation program offers a detailed and hypothetical learning encounter for analytical candidates. The course also makes use of a language which complements well with engineering fundamentals. Whereas the course also takes into account interactive activities and have been integrated into the curriculum. The complex lab training is designed to create analytical thinking plus problem solving expertise. The lab training is also designed to urge candidates to acquire exploration and research skills.

Cisco CCNA Exploration can be provided to candidates as autonomous program or assimilated into a wider curriculum of study, for example, degree or diploma courses in IT, science, engineering or mathematics. Whereas Cisco CCNA was mainly intended for post-secondary training institutions, the course has been made available to students over the years in different education levels so long as they have acquired the necessary expertise. The course is also available to candidates who think that the curriculum complements their career and educational objectives.

In a nutshell, Cisco Exploration course is designed to enable students get ready for associate level career chances, continuing education as well as internationally accepted Cisco CCNA accreditation. Therefore, if you are thinking of pursuing a career in ICT, you can register for the course as it will provide you with the skills needed to advance in your career and to prepare for other advanced Cisco certification training programs.

Course Overview

Listed below, are some of the topics covered in the Cisco CCNA Exploration curriculum:

  • Network fundamentals.
  • Accessing WAN (Wide Area Network).
  • Routing Protocols and Concepts.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) Switching and Wireless Demo.

Course Objectives

As is the case with any other accreditation course, the Cisco CCNA Exploration aims to equip its students with the following:

  • Ability to configure a LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Ability to troubleshoot a LAN and mitigate problems.
  • Ability to install a LAN.

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